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Last updated: 22/05/2019

Scope of the Policy This policy is provided for TTT customers, including learners and staff members who are using or delivering the courses and qualifications that TTT offer. There is a separate Complaint Handling Policy for learners during the study period and so alleged inadequacy of supervisory or other arrangements during the period of study does not constitute grounds for requesting a review of the assessor’s decision or an examination decision by the Awarding Organisation. An appeal must allege an error on our part and will only be considered if it is based on us having made an incorrect assessment of your factual circumstances. Location of the policy

This policy is available for all staff members, third parties and learners to access. The most up to date version of the policy is available on our website www.theteachertrainer.co.uk

Communication of the policy It is important that staff involved in the management, delivery, assessment and quality assurance of nationally recognised qualifications and learners undertaking these qualifications, are fully aware of the contents of the policy. Review of the policy TTT will review the policy annually and/or revise it as and when required. The review process includes analysis of monitoring data, consultation with and feedback from customers, learners, clients, staff and other stakeholders, changes in practices, actions required by Awarding Organisations or changes in legislation to determine the impact of the policy and any action required. Our review will ensure that our procedures continue to be consistent with the regulatory criteria and are applied properly and fairly in arriving at judgements. Policy Statement All learners have the right to challenge the outcomes of their assessment decisions, if they consider the assessment has not been carried out properly. Learners might appeal on a variety of issues. These issues may include the following:
  • Conduct of the assessment
  • Adequacy of the range, nature and comprehensiveness of the evidence when set against the national standards and evidence requirements
  • The opportunities offered in order to demonstrate competence of attainment
  • Access to assessment
  • Process of assessment
  • Access to Internal Verification
  • The handling of an appeal
  • Administrative issues e.g. failure to register/apply for certification
Statement of principles This policy is in place to enable TTT learners to enquire, question or appeal against an assessment decision. TTT will aim to reach an agreement with a learner at the earliest opportunity, regarding any appeals that are made. TTT will ensure that:
  • Internal assessments are conducted by members of TTT staff who have appropriate knowledge, understanding and skills in this area.
  • Assessment evidence provided by learners is authenticated according to the requirements of Awarding Organisations for the subject concerned.
  • The consistency of internal assessment will be maintained by internal verification and standardisation.
If an appeal from a learner is upheld by the centre staff member, any lessons learnt from the investigation will be reviewed by TTT. Any staff member involved in the appeal will be offered suitable training, if appropriate. The outcome and action plan from all appeal will be dealt with on an individual basis. If an appeal is not upheld, the learner making the appeal will be given a written explanation detailing the reasons for the appeal not to be upheld. Stage 1 If a learner wishes to appeal, the appeal must be lodged in writing with the assessor (who made the original assessment decision) within 5 working days of the learner being notified of the assessment decision. It is recommended that the appeal be put in writing using a suitable form e.g. Learner Appeals Form 1 (See Appendix 1). The relevant centre staff member will then attempt to find a solution with the learner, assessor/tutor and internal quality assurer. The assessor should explain his/her rationale for the decision that is being disputed. The assessor is required to record an overview of the appeal and the outcome of the discussion and forward this to the IQA. Any TTT staff member undertaking an appeal investigation must be independent from any assessment decisions made as part of a learner’s qualification. The relevant TTT staff member will acknowledge the appeal within 2 working days (except weekends) of receiving it. TTT staff member(s) will investigate the appeal. Investigations may include undertaking interviews with any relevant parties. The learner will be informed of the investigation outcome and decision within 10 working days (except weekends) of the appeal being lodged (this may be extended, depending on the nature of the appeal). Should this be the case, the situation will be explained to the appellant. If the staff member feels the appeal is to be upheld, the learner will be notified of this in writing, within 2 working days (except weekends) of completion of the investigation. The relevant procedures will be followed to ensure the learner’s assessment decision is changed to show the correct mark and/or decision. Stage 2 If learners remain dissatisfied with the assessment decision and wish to challenge the outcome of Stage 1, then they are required to appeal in writing to the IQA within 5 working days of the Stage 1 process being completed, using a suitable form e.g. Learner Appeals Form 2 (See Appendix 2). The IQA will write to the learner to acknowledge receipt of the appeal within 10 working days (except weekends) and outline the course of action to be taken. The IQA will carry out an investigation, ensuring that another appropriately qualified assessor is involved (if necessary) in the review, and will write to the learner within 15 working days (except weekends) with the findings and a decision as to whether the appeal was justified.  Learners are required to provide as much information as possible regarding the disputed assessment decision. 
All Stage 2 appeals should be sent to:
Fiona Sykiotis The Teacher Trainer Ltd. Regus House, Fairbourne Drive Atterbury, Milton Keynes MK10 9RG United Kingdom
Upon receipt of the appeal the IQA will conduct an appropriate review of the evidence and may reassess the learner’s work against the assessment criteria for the qualification, where required. One of the following decisions will be communicated to the learner by the IQA in writing within 10 working days (except weekends)  of the decision having been made. This will be to either:
  • uphold the original assessment decision
  • offer the learner an opportunity for a resit/reassessment free of charge
  • overturn the original decision
These decisions will be recorded on the Learner Appeal Form 2. The decision will also be communicated to the original assessor. Stage 3 If learners have followed Stage 1 and 2 of the appeals procedure and remain dissatisfied with the outcome, they have the right to take their appeal to the relevant Awarding Organisation in order to escalate the appeal. This must be done within 20 working days (except weekends) of the decision being communicated to them by the centre. The contact details for this can be availed from the website of the relevant Awarding Organisation. The relevant Awarding Organisation will investigate any appeals made in line with their Appeals Policy. Appendix 1: Learner Appeal Form 1  Stage 1  The learner may use this form to appeal against the outcomes of an assessment decision to the Assessor.
Learner’s name
Date of assessment
Name of Assessor (against whose decision the appeal is being made)
Nature of the Appeal
Details of Original Assessment Decision
Learner’s signature Date
To be completed by the Assessor
Date of meeting
Assessor Response
Assessor Date
Learner Date
Appendix 2: Learner Appeal Form 2  Stage 1 Before completing this form, learners must follow Stage 1 of the appeals procedure, by appealing to the Assessor who made the assessment decision. Stage 2 Learners are required to complete this form and forward it to the IQA to make a formal appeal, if they are still dissatisfied after having appealed to their Assessor. 
Learner name
Date appeal submitted
Email address
Contact number
Date of assessment
Name of Assessor (against whose decision the appeal is being made)
Describe the reasons for your appeal as fully as possible. Please include copies of any associated documents (e.g. learner evidence, record of feedback from the Assessor involved). Learners should keep a copy of this form.
Type of Assessment and Nature of the Appeal
Please attach additional sheets, if necessary.
Details of Original Assessment Decision
Please attach additional sheets, if necessary.
Signature of learner Date
Please return this form to:
All Stage 2 appeals should be sent to:
Fiona Sykiotis The Teacher Trainer Ltd. Regus House, Fairbourne Drive Atterbury, Milton Keynes MK10 9RG United Kingdom
To be completed by the IQA
Date of appeals meeting
Meeting attendees
Details of the meeting
Outcome of the Meeting
Uphold the original assessment decision
Offer the learner an opportunity for a resit/reassessment free of charge
Overturn the original decision
Internal Quality Assurer Date